Farm Fans and GSI Grain Dryers

Looking to improve upon the products and services he could offer to the corn drying community, Gail decided back in 1972 to partner with Farm Fans, a top tier dryer manufacture of 23 years at the time.  Since, the relationship between Farm Fans and Harms Grain Equipment has been a great one spanning over one third of a century.  With GSI integrating Farm Fans into their operations, Harms Grain Equipment can completely customize a complete grain drying solution for you.  Our staff has decades of combined grain drying equipment experience and we can show you how all these pieces come together to work for you. Learn how to handle the easy to use Vision controls, a modern yet easy to control monitoring system, or be cutting edge with the Watchdog and remotely monitor your grain dryer’s status.


– Conduct a preseason dryer check to ensure any weather or rodent damage is addressed before the harvest begins

– Check for loose wires, nests in control cabinets, or other signs of possible damage

– Lubricate all bearings

– Clear out the inside of debris and wash outside to ensure unobstructed venting

– Check electrical components have not been damaged