Grain Equipment Services

We offer a variety of services and products, including but not limited to Brock grain bins, GSI grain handling, Farm Fan and GSI portable dryers and tower dryers, grain bin construction, troubleshooting, grain system design, and millwright work.

Our employees can help improve your grain equipment handling capacity in many forms, including:

Brock Bins
– Construction of new grain bins
– Replacing old bin flooring
– Adding additional rings for greater holding capacity
– Installation of grain sweeps

GSI Dryers
– Repairs and maintenance of FF and GSI Dryers
– Increasing drying capacity with new energy efficient dryers
– Installing remote monitoring on the latest generation of dryers with the Watchdog
– A wide inventory of in stock replacement parts

GSI Handling
– Offer a wide selection of incline conveyors, En-masse conveyors, and more
– Able to replace any worn or damaged chain, belting, cups, etc
– Replace or extend grain elevator legs

Sheyanne Augers
– Allowing quick, portable, and reliable elevating of your crops